"Jazz Organ is not only alive and well... It's thriving! And no better evidence of this can be found than with Everette DeVan's latest CD East of the Sun." - Pete Fallico - KUSP Santa Cruz

"Everette DeVan known for his magic fingers, and a great talent for improvisation." - Shirley Christian - The New York Times

"Hearing Everette DeVan playing the Hammond B-3 is a joy to behold." - Doug Auwarter - Pitch Weekly

"A first rate organist that skips the flash and lets his music speak for itself." - The Kansas City Star

"Everette DeVan plays a B-3 Organ the way it was meant to be played: sassy, groovin'… and always primed for that chordal explosion that so effectively puncuates a phrase." - Mike Metheny - Editor, JAM Magazine

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