Kelly Gant

Kelley Gant was raised in Wichita, KS, the granddaughter of a big-band drummer & great granddaughter of a trumpeter & big band leader.  As a child, hearing the silky sound of Nat King Cole's voice, Kelley Gant was quickly hooked on swing as well. 

As a young girl, Kelley became an avid listener of the world's premiere jazz vocalists, infatuated with Ella Fitzgerald.  She began imitating the greats, first performing "Route 66" in a talent-show at age nine, and fronting her first big band at thirteen.  Involvement in youth bands, jazz bands, and choirs throughout junior high and high school led to Kelley's inclusion as the first vocalist to perform with the Kansas State University big bands and small jazz combos, under the direction of Dr. Wayne Goins.

After graduating from Kansas State, Kelley relocated to San Cristobal, the jazz hot-spot of southern Mexico.  Being embraced by the local jazz scene, she sang nightly, and began recording as a back-up singer and featured vocalist, appearing for multiple radio and television spots.

Back in the States, Kelley continued singing and recording in Chicago, and began song-writing and leading a small band.  Upon returning to Kansas, she quickly found a home in Kansas City, and is very pleased to have connected with many of the fine musicians that call this city "home".