Ebony-smiling.gif  Eboni Fondren

“Smooth sultry vocalist…Get ready to be enchanted.“  Coleman Hawkins Jazz Society

     Eboni Fondren is more than a smooth and sultry songstress.  Singing is her pure joy; her outlet and escape from the pressures of the world. It is a way she can proclaim her love for someone without them knowing it.  Through music, she tells off that ex-boyfriend, or announces a yearning for companionship without shame or fear.  She touches hearts, and brings joy to all who listen

     Originally hailing from Chicago, Fondren now claims Kansas City as her home.  The impressionable years of her life were spent singing in her father’s basement recording studio, variety shows at the YMCAs, and of course for family and friends. As she got older she honed her skills as a dancer and actor participating in school theatre productions, local television commercials and area talent shows. In high-school she became heavily involved in musical theater, student activities and sports. In college, many would call her a jack of all trades…and a master of many being a three sport letterman, actress, singer, dancer, and student activist. It is here where her love affair with jazz music began.

     Under the tutelage of jazz organist Everette DeVan, the singer has delighted audiences with her dynamic stage presence, creative, stylistic embellishments, and radiating smile since 2003.  Whether it’s a classic standard or a soulful groove, Fondren can produce the type of results that ears will appreciate.  Fondren uses music to make connections with other people through memories of rhythms and lyrics of life. Keep an eye and ear out for more to come from one of Kansas City’s shining gems.

Eboni Fondren performs weekly in the Kansas City Metro Area. Visit www.ebonifondren.com for a detailed schedule and booking information.

“A savvy manager could mold her into a headliner.”
Kirk Silsbee, Los Angeles City Beat